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Excess Inventory Liquidation

Pacific Micro-Tech is always looking to buy excess inventory. If you have any excess inventory, we can buy it for cash or arrange a consignment agreement. An outright cash sale will immediately take the inventory off your books and return immediate cash. A consignment agreement will return the greatest return on your inventory investment. Contact us directly for details on cash purchases or consignment agreements. If you have a regular distribution list for excess inventory, please put place us on that list.

Below is an example of some of the inventory we have previously purchased:

•    Electronic Components
    •    DRAM
    •    Flash Memory
    •    Integrated Circuits
    •    Transistors & Diodes
    •    LED's
    •    Tantalum Capacitors
    •    FPGA's (Altera & Xilinx)
•    Telecom Parts & Equipment
    •    Mobile Network Infrastructure
    •    Central Office
•    Network Parts & Equipment
    •    Switches
    •    Routers
    •    Servers
    •    Cisco
    •    Juniper
•    Computer Parts & Equipment
    •    Disk Drives
    •    Motherboards
    •    CPU's
    •    Graphics Cards
    •    Memory
    •    LCD Monitors & Displays

Please call or email us directly with your inventory. Please also advise your colleagues about our exceptional excess inventory programs.

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